Paragon City

Paragon City is the home to many heroes from the computer game City of Heroes. It is well-known for being ridden with crime.

Paragon City is in Rhode Island U.S.A. and the meta-human capital of the world, with perhaps the only place on the planet rivaling it's super-human population as being the Rogue Isles, located just north-west of the Bermudas. Paragon went through many political and civil rights overhauls to accommodate the meta humans born in and attracted to the city, including legalizing meta-human rights, insurance policies that cover acts of super-powers and creating super-human level security measures to prevent riots without preemptively under-cutting anyone's rights. Though state conscription of meta-humans was abolished in the 1970s due to massive protests and demonstrations, Paragon still tries to take advantage of meta-human talents for law-enforcement purposes. Paragon City uses a special state mandated troop called The Longbow to help the regular police forces deal with super-human threats. The Longbow work hand-in-hand with the City's most decorated heroes, The Freedom Phalanx and although most Longbow are in-fact normal humans their numbers, training and equipment make them an intrical part of the city's method of super-powered terrorist-counter-measures.

Paragon City provides an open super-hero registration office in their town-hall and records office. While meta-humans can live normal lives without needing to apply their powers they are not permitted to publicly disrupt daily life with their powers. Those who complete super-hero registration are permitted to use their powers in full view of the public in their pursuits to stop criminals and super-villains. Most super-powered civilians feel it is their duty to commit their powers to helping their neighbors, others do it for practical training methods for their abilities, others for the fame, and still others just for the thrill and rush of fighting super-villains. Paragon encourages it's super-powered residence to serve their community, to the point where magic and super-science are even subjects taught at Paragon University. The city has all too many dark sides though and many criminals take advantages of the city's resources to commit high reward thefts or settle gang wars with super powers. The player characters are either civilians who have formally registered to serve their community or visors/immigrants with special abilities looking to properly come into their gifts through public service.