This page mentions scenes in which some heroes leave each other, either to help others in trouble, to face community service, to avoid capture, or that they're not meant to be together.  Either way, it's likely that those heroes would eventually return.

Examples Edit

  • Lando betrays Han to Darth Vader, allowing Vader to torture him and bounty hunter Boba Fett to take him prisoner. Vader freezes him in carbonite, and gives him to Fett to take to Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.
  • Following the defeats of Umarak and Makuta, Ekimu thanked the Toa Uniters for restoring peace on Okoto once again as the Toa then bidded farewell towards Ekimu and the Islanders before departing for the Matoran Universe.
  • Steven Universe chooses to turn himself in to Aquamarine and Topaz and before leaving with them. Later on, Lapis Lazuli chooses to leave for space, taking the entire barn with her.
  • After halting Megatron and Quintessa's machinations, Optimus Prime rallies all surviving Autobots across the stars to return to Cybertron, currently suspended in Earth's orbit, to begin rebuilding the planet. Optimus and his crew (Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Hot Rod, etc.) then make their way to Cybertron onboard the Knight Ship while the Guardian Knights follow them in their combined form Dragonstorm.
  • After helping them save the Earth from Soundwave and his nuclear beacon generator, Hi-Test departs to the Shadowzone while giving a goodbye smile to Bumblebee's Autobot team and Optimus Prime.
  • Ryan Mitchell chooses to leave the team so he can search for a way to defeat the demons.
  • Garrett hands Excalibur over to Kayley and sadly returns to the forest, after telling her that he doesn't belong in Camelot.

Quotes Edit

Leia: "I love you."

Han: "I know."

~ Han, taking leave of Leia before he is frozen in carbonite

(Atticus: This is mine, now. Go.) Atticus... (Atticus: Every second takes her further away from you.) (Milo gives Atticus his sword.) I'll see you again, brother.
~ Milo parting ways with Atticus to save Cassia while he fights Proculus.

Homer: Don't forget me! Mother Simpson: Don't worry, Homer: you'll always be a part of me. [hits her head on doorframe] D'oh!
~ Homer, letting his mother Mona go, to avoid capture, leading to the emotional credits scene of the episode, "Mother Simpson."

Narrator: Blossom was sentenced to two hundred hours of community service. This was a harsh reminder to her and to all that crime does not pay. (Blossom: You can say that again.)
~ The narrator mentions Blossom's temporary fate in the Powerpuff Girls episode, "A Very Special Blossom"

Connie Maheswaran: No! Don't you dare! Steven Universe: I Love You. Connie Maheswaran: No! Stop! [It's too late, the ship disappears!] STEVEN!
~ Steven Universe leaves with Aquamarine and Topaz after choosing to turn himself in.

At the heart of every legend, there is truth: a few brave souls unite to save the world. (Izabella is seen reuniting with the pint-sized Autobot Sqweeks.) We can be heroes in our own lives, every one of us, if we only have the courage to try. (Bumblebee, as he bids farewell to Cade and Vivian and thanks them for bringing Optimus back: You saved Optimus.) Our fates were always intertwined, but now our worlds are joined as one. We need to repair our planets, work together, if we wish to survive. A dangerous secret is buried deep inside the Earth. There is more to this planet than meets the eye. (Optimus, Bumblebee, Hound, Crosshairs, and Hot Rod board the Knight Ship, piloted by Drift.) I am Optimus Prime, calling all Autobots... It is time to come home. (The Knight Ship and the Guardian Knights as Dragonstorm fly towards Cybertron.)
~ Optimus Prime rallies all surviving Autobots and Guardian Knights to return to Cybertron, currently suspended in Earth's orbit, so they can start rebuilding in Transformers: The Last Knight.

(Ayden flies towards the end of the forest. Kayley gasps and pushes away a branch in her way to see Camelot in the distance) (Kayley: Camelot. Oh, Garrett! It's so beautiful!) (Garrett sadly gazes up to the castle and sighs) (Kayley: I just wish you could see it) (Garrett walks up to her and he takes Excalibur off his shoulder) I have seen it, and it was no place for me. (Kayley: Garrett, what's wrong?) (Garrett hands Kayley Excalibur) Take Excalibur to Arthur, you don't have much time. (He turns back to the forest. Kayley looks at the sword confused, then she runs to Garrett blocking his path) (Kayley: But we'll deliver the sword together.) No. You'll deliver it. I- I don't belong in that world. (He sadly moves past her and ventures on back into the forest) Come on, Ayden. (Kayley sadly looks at Garrett as he walks onward into the forest) (Kayley: (sadly) But you'll belong in mine.) (She then turns around and heads towards Camelot sadly)
~ Garrett sadly parting ways with Kayley, by handing over Excalibur to her, and telling her that he doesn't belong in Camelot.

(Peridot: Okay, then! The truth is... I think that we should stay, and if -- and if the time comes, if the Diamonds do come to wipe this planet off the star maps, I think we should fight for this life we've built instead of tearing it up out of the ground! I think we can win. I think you can win! Earth is our home now. Isn't it worth fighting for?) (Steven Universe: What do ya say, Lapis?) (Lapis chooses to join the war in space.) I am not getting caught in the middle of another war. (Lapis lifts the entire barn with and leaves for space as Peridot and Pumpkin become shocked.) (Peridot: Wait! No! You're supposed to reward me for my emotional honesty!) (Lapis lifts the barn higher with the plumbing breaking away and she sadly leaves the Earth as Peridot and Pumpkin are devastated that Lapis and the barn are gone.) (Steven Universe: Come on. Let's go.)
~ Lapis Lazuli tearfully leaves for space, taking the entire barn with her and leaving her friends Steven, Peridot, and Pumpkin behind.

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