Pretty Cure Palace
The Pretty Cure Palace is where Pretty Cure take a test to see if they are strong enough to obtain the Heartcatch Mirage in Heartcatch Pretty Cure! The Heartcatch Mirage resides in the palace. It is also where Pretty Cure take a trial to defeat their past selves to gain more power. To get to the Pretty Cure Palace you must go to a door with a heart pattern with a little slot in the middle. You must insert Cure Sunshine's Pretty Cure Seed found in Potpourri's bag in the slot so the door can open. After that you must put the Pretty Cure Seed in a slot in what seems to look like a chair. Then you are teleported to the front of a bridge leading to the Pretty Cure Palace.

In episode 32, Tsubomi and her friends travel to the Pretty Cure Palace to obtain the Heartcatch Mirage. But Kaoruko Hanasaki, Tsubomi's grandmother and the former Cure Flower, appeared before them. The test for obtaining the Heartcatch Mirage is to fight the previous Pretty Cure. But because she did not feel like battling her own grandaughter, Cure Blossom and fellow Pretty Cure had to fight the Mysterious Guy. At first they were struggling, but after they came up with a strategy, they defeated him. In episode 37, Pretty Cure travel to different places to fight their past selves. Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Moonlight past the test quickly but Cure Blossom is still not back. She tries to convince her past self that she changed but the past self is not convinced. After they fought a little more she finally convinced her. After they all pass the test they use their new power, the group finisher Heartcatch Orchestra, to destroy Desert Devil.


  • Since the Pretty Cure Palace has more than 4 statues, there is a high chance that the other previous pretty cures has their statues in there too. Such as pretty cures from: Max Heart, Splash Star, 5 GoGo and Fresh. But this is still unknown.

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