Princess Perfume
Princess Perfume are the main transformation devices from Go! Princess Pretty Cure. In order to transform, the Cures also need a Dress Up Key, which they insert into the top and turn to fill the bottom with perfume of their theme colour, which they spray during the transformation.


  • These are the third perfumes used as transformation items, after Heart Perfumes and Shiny Perfume from the series Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.
  • The Princess Perfume is so far the sixth transformation device to appear as a cosmetic item, after Milky Palette (Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!), Heart Perfume (Heartcatch Pretty Cure!), Smile Pact (Smile Pretty Cure!), Love Eyes Palette (Doki Doki! Pretty Cure), and PreChanMirror (Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!).

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