When the heroes was hurt or injured during the battle, their love interest, friends, the citizen of the city members or family members have enough and blocking the villain's moves. This is followed by the villains asking why they are protecting them or ordering them to get out of the way. The heroines or friends usually refuse.

Reason why they are protecting their heroes:

  • Because they are worried that the main antagonist is gonna kill them with revenge, etc.
  • Because they know that they have goodness inside of them and they should not hurt them if they give them a chance.
  • Because they are tired that those villains have been bulling heroes for years and decide to challenge them to fight or take their place as long they promise that they will never hurt them again.
  • Because they care about their heroes by saying nice things about them which it make the main protagonist speechless and very happy.


  • Amy Rose protects Sonic from Silver by hurting him and Silver thinks that Sonic is the enemy for the future.
  • Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley protecting Harry Potter from Sirius Black, an escaped convict whom is believed to have betrayed Harry's parents and killed many innocent people.
  • Mrs. Georgina Leary was ordered by Elliot Shandling to protect Andrew Waltrip from Tabitha Harperstein until she is gone forever.
  • Everyone on the train protected Spider-man from Doc Ock after he return to the city and saved their lives and gave him back his mask as they promise that they won't tell anyone his secret.
  • Mater protecting Lightning McQueen with Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell from Professor Z's minions.
  • Lily Potter protects her infant son Harry from Lord Voldemort which leads her to being killed by the Dark Lord's killing curse
  • Piccolo protected Gohan from Nappa blast attack which leads Piccolo to shield Gohan and get blasted which kills him.
  • Rosita protected Eugene from Abraham Ford, from beating the crap out of him and almost killing him in rage that Eugene lied to the group of being a scientist. She was even about to kill him.


If you want to kill Harry, you'll have to kill us, too.
~ Hermione Granger

Get away from my godson!
~ Sirius Black protecting his godson Harry Potter

No! Not Harry! Please, not Harry! Please, I'll do anything! Take me, kill me instead! Please, have mercy!
~ Lily Potter protecting her infant son Harry from Lord Voldemort

Get away from my son!
~ Samson protecting Ryan from Kazar.