Queso Bandito is a Merrie Melodies song by Speedy Gonzales in The Looney Tunes Show.


Down in Juarez, Mexico
In a small adobe house
Rosalita Gonzales gave birth
To a handsome little mouse

The whole town came to celebrate
The baby being born
But when they got back home
They found that all their cheese was gone!

You will only feel the breeze
When he comes to steal your cheese.
Queso Bandito! (Aha!)

He'll set fire to the street
With his tiny mousey feet.
To the Mariachi beat.
Queso Bandito!

Do not leave your cheese unattended
Cheddar, Monterey Jack, or blended.
I will sneak inside of your pueblo
Relieve you of all your Manchego.
Careful not to take a siesta
You will have no cheese for fiesta!

Always chased by the federales'
But they ate too many tamales.
They can't catch me if they tried.
He'll outrun them every time!
Queso Bandito!


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