One of the characters, usually the female, trips over something or feels faint. Or maybe is jumping from a high place. Then, the other character, usually the male, catches him/her just in time to prevent him/her to hit the ground.

However, both characters don't move away from each another right away. They take their time. Maybe to comfort each other or maybe they are too busy looking into each other's eyes.

Some extreme cases can even involve an Accidental Kiss and sometimes it can lead to something good


  • In Aladdin, when the titular character leads Jasmine to his hideaway, the girl trips and falls into Aladdin's arms. Needless to say, they don't break the embrace right away
  • In Anastasia, TBA
  • In Hey There It's Yogi Bear, Yogi hugs Cindy to rescue from Grifter, Mugger and Snively.
  • In Megamind, TBA


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