Heroic Overview

This staged rescue is a common simple plan to get a couple together and one of the ways writers get a relationship hampered. They might not have even met or talked to each other previously.

A typical set up goes something like this:

  • The main protagonist meeting a female character (Love Interests, etc) by saving them from being hit on by thugs or villains. The thugs grab the female by the hand and pull her away to have a "cup of tea" with them or become violent as she stubbornly rejects their advances (may involve knives). Enter the hero, either hitting the offenders in the arm, or entering the scene by kicking the guy (head, solar plexus, etc) and saving her from forceful romantic advances.
  • If Rescue Romance is a manly man's reward for being a valiant protector, the Florence Nightingale Effect is a womanly woman's reward for being a caring nurturer.


  • Ana Lewis manages to break free from the mind control and came to Duke's rescue just before the Doctor (her brother) could subject him into turning Duke into a mindless Viper, also they share a kiss.
  • Tramp saves Lady from nasty dogs and the annoying muzzle. Then she and the other dogs save him from the dog catcher.
  • Back to back, as Belle finally gets fed up enough with the Beast that she escapes the castle... only to get attacked by wolves that the Beast saves her from. Belle drags his unconcious, wounded body back to the castle and patches him up, leading to the first conversation they have in the film that isn't openly hostile. Cue Relationship Upgrade since now the Beast is more conscious of being nice to her and Belle is finally able to let go of her conceptions of him.
  • Ariel saves Eric from drowning who falls in love with her voice. Then he saves her.
  • Hercules tries this with Meg, but she's less than impressed. Then, she saves him from a falling column, taking the impact and confessing her love for him. He finally saves her from the afterlife and their romance is sealed.
  • Aladdin meets Jasmine by saving her from having her hand chopped off. He then goes on to save all of Agrabah, leading the Sultan to decide that he's worthy of marrying her.
  • Princess Fiona and Shrek meet when he rescues her from a tower and a dragon. She thinks he's supposed to be her Knight in Shining Armor with whom she will share True Love's Kiss until he explains that he's actually an ogre who was just sent there to do the rescuing so Lord Farquaad wouldn't have to. Ultimately, Fiona and Shrek end up falling in love anyway.
  • Jack Dawson rescues Rose DeWitt Bukater when she attempts suicide. She falls for him, and upon telling her story 84 years later, says that he saved her in every way a person could be saved.
  • Blu saves Jewel from falling and after they kiss. As a result, Blu finally can fly because of their love.
  • Wonder Woman rescues Steve Trevor from a plane crash, resulting in their friendship.
  • Gia saves Alex from Dubois' poison dart.
  • Yogi Bear finds Cindy Bear at the Chizzing Bros. Circus to rescue her from that greedy men and their Dog Mugger.

Quotes Edit

(Jasmine is walking through the marketplace in disguise when she notices a hungry little boy reaching for an apple. She turns to him with sympathy.)Oh, you must be hungry. (takes an apple and gives it to the boy.) Here you go. (As Jasmine starts to walk away, the fruit seller, a huge, scary-looking man with a gruff voice, rises from his stall, and the boy scurries off.) (Fruit Seller: You'd better be able to pay for that.) Pay? (The fruit seller grabs Jasmine roughly.) (Fruit Seller: No one steals from MY cart!) Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I don't have any money. (Fruit Seller: THIEF!) Please! If you let me go to the palace, I can get some from the Sultan. (Aladdin and Abu watch from the sidelines; they know what to do.) (Fruit Seller: Do you know what the penalty is for STEALING?!) (As he speaks, the fruit seller roughly grabs Jasmine's arm, presses it down onto the stall, and pulls out a huge knife, poised to chop off her hand!) No! No, please! (A hand grabs the fruit seller's knife, blocking his blow. The rescuer is Aladdin.) (Aladdin: Thank you, kind sir. I'm so glad you found her. [Aladdin turns to Jasmine.] I've been looking all over for you.) What are you doing? (Aladdin [guiding Jasmine]]: Just play along.)
~ Jasmine being rescued by Aladdin from a wrathful Fruit Vender whom she unintentionally stole an apple from to give a hungry boy to, which leads to their relationship and romance.

(Zero sees Agatha using the wrapped painting to hang from the wall.) 310-bis. HANG ON, HERE I COME! (runs to room 310-bis, and jumps out the window. Next thing Zero knows, he and Agatha are both hanging from star bunting on the wall, with the painting above them.) (Agatha: There's something on the back of the-) (they both fall into Mendl's truck, but are unharmed.) Agatha, you all right? (Agatha: I think so.) (they quickly kiss.) (Agatha: There's something on the back of the picture.)
~ Zero Moustafa rescuing his fiancée, Agatha.

(Yogi and Boo Boo arrives the Chizzing Bros Circus) (Boo Boo: But how are you gonna get in without a ticket, Yogi?) I got a scheme that's a dream. Sit tight, Boob. (He went inside the room to dress up as a clown) Hey, hey, hey. And now, whom do you see before you? (Boo Boo: Yogi Bear in a cIown suit.) True. But in this disguise, I can mingIe with the other buffoons. . . and get to say goodbye to Cindy. (He hears the see clowns and smoke toward him and disappear now inside the circus tent with the clown's car banged and bounced towards the clowns and he drives) Oh, boy, and I don't even have my driver's Iicense! (The car exploded and he falls with speed foot on the wheel and falls to the trampoline and falls to the net on upside to see Cindy) (Cindy Bear: Yogi, what are you doing here?) I just dropped in to say goodbye. (Cindy Bear: Goodbye? I thought you came to rescue me.) Rescue you? Rescue the star of the show from her tinseIed worId of make-beIieve? (Cindy Bear: But I'm not the star, I'm a prisoner.) Prisoner? (Cindy Bear: Yes. They keep me Iocked up in this cage aII the time. And that mean dog chases me. And that mean man yeIIs at me, and. . . . (crying) Oh, Yogi, I wanna go home.) There, there, honey. I mean, Cindy. Yogi wiII take care of you. Don't go away. I'II get the key and set you free. (Cindy Bear: Oh, Yogi, you're so wonderfuI.) HoId that thought. I'II be right back.
~ Yogi Bear finds Cindy Bear at the Chizzing Bros. Circus to rescue her from that greedy men and their Dog Mugger.

(Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman wake up back in their zoo enclosures.) (Marty: Alex? Where are you?) (Gloria: What is happening?) (Melman: Are you okay?) (Mayor: ...the king of New York City...) (Marty: Alex!) (Alex: No, no, no!) (Mayor: ...Alex the Lion!) (Alex runs onto his cement rock, the crowd cheers outside his enclosure. Alex turns and looks at Marty, Gloria and Melman) (Mayor: Thank you, thank you all for coming to this special celebration. And now, the woman who made this all possible, who brought Alex the Lion and a couple of... three? Three other animals back to New York. And she's French. Ooh-la-lah. Please welcome Chantel DuBois!) (Walking onto the stage, DuBois smirks at Alex. His eyes widen. DuBois steps behind the podium, her Animal Control officers standing at attention behind her. The mayor presents DuBois with a oversized check for a million dollars. She rips the check in half, then drops it to the ground. Looking downward, DuBois opens a small briefcase, then pulls out a dart with a skull and crossbones on it!) (Marty: Alex!) (Alex watches in horror as DuBois picks up the poison dart, drops it into her gun, then places the gun inside a giant foam hand. She taps the microphone.) (Chantel DuBois: It was never about the money. It was about... [she holds up the foam hand] ...the lion.) (DuBois points the hand at Alex. Alex raises his arms. DuBois fires! As the dart sails toward Alex, Gia swings in and pulls him out of the way, and the dart hits a streetlamp.) (Alex: Gia?) Circus stick together. (Alex grins)
~ Gia saving Alex from DuBois' poison dart.

(Jewel slides towards the edge of the crashing plane) (Jewel: BLU!) (Jewel loses her grip and falls. Blu swallows hard and remembers himself falling out of his nest as a chick. Blu dives out of the plane and wraps his wings around Jewel) (Jewel: Blu, you're crazy! What are you doing?!) I'm not gonna let you go! We're chained-to-each other birds, remember? (Jewel stares at Blu, then kisses him as they fall towards the ocean. Eyes closed and smiling, Blu slowly opens his wings. He flies, just skimming the water! Then rising into the air holding Jewel.) Whoa! Wow! (Jewel: Blu! YOU'RE FLYING!) Yeah! Whoo-hoo! I'm flying! I'm really flying! You're right! I'm not an ostrich! I'm not an ostrich!
~ Blu confessing his love for Jewel, whose kiss finally gives him the power of flight.