When the heroes and the heroines finally see each other again after the separation, a number of things can happen. They might rush towards each other, one may walk to the other in a daze, or one might come up behind the other and put a hand on their shoulder.

Then they embrace, with one babbling about how much they missed the other while covering them in kisses, or they share a long passionate kiss, or they kiss repeatedly.

Either way, tears and laughter are sure to be plentiful, from them as well as from their friends and comrades. Is usually heartwarming.

In short, all the torment of their separation and its surrounding events is released in a shower of mixed emotions and sealed with a kiss.


  • The Lion King II: When Kovu and Kiara find each other after he gets banished, they run at each other and (being lions) nuzzle and lick each other while playing in the sand.


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