She had it coming...for years! I guess twinning isn't everything. (Jasmine: The old switcheroo! Good for Samey!)
~ Samey, satisfied that she got her revenge on her twin sister, Amy along with her friend Jasmine

Even thought the heroes are good, sometimes they do get revenge after knowing the truth about the main antagonist, etc. The motives may vary, ranging from humiliation, frame-ups, good vs. good etc. In some cases, when a hero finally given the chance for the revenge in the fateful confrontation, he/she sometimes get more than he/she bargained for.

Sometimes, the villains can be the ones desiring vengeance upon the hero, and the hero must prevent it.


  • The Cat in the Hat uses a baseball bat to beat up a kid for hitting him in the groin as a pinata, but Sally and Conrad prevent him from doing it.
  • Zoey prepares to exact her revenge on Scott and Chef Hatchet by pushing her too far.
  • Peter Parker fights Dennis Carradine to avenge his Uncle Ben's death.
  • Inigo Montoya seeking vengeance on Count Rugen for murdering his father.
  • Ryuko Matoi was originally seeking vengeance on Nui Harime for murdering her father, only to be revealed that reasons why her father was murdered was to save the world from her heartless mother's plan to have Life Fiber consume the world.
  • Geoff gets his revenge on Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia, by singing a song that's about her, revealing her real name and shows some embarrassing clips.
  • Shulk facing Metal Face in combat to avenge the deaths of Fiora and Emperor Sorean.
  • Harold secretly replaces the votes in the confessional so that Courtney would have the most votes and be voted off as a way of revenge for Duncan's actions against him.
  • Spiritia Rosenberg and Lilli facing Iris Sepperin to get revenge for her manipulation of RKS and the Holy Empire.
  • Hiro Hamada prepares to seek revenge on Robert Callaghan for abandoning his older brother Tadashi Hamada in the fire.
  • Grolla Seyfarth seeking vengeance upon Iris for humiliating her and betraying RKS and later forcing her to fight a resurrected Raimund Seyfarth.
  • Sash Lilac and Carol Tea confronting Lord Brevon to get revenge on him for turning Milla Basset into a monster.
  • Coco Adel fighting a Beowolf to get revenge for it having destroyed her favorite clothing store.
  • Lori Campbell seeking vengeance by killing Freddy Krueger with Jason's machete for avenging her mother's death.
  • Samey tricks Amy into eating a poisonous fruit, and finally gets her revenge for all these things she had done in the past.
  • Kenai unknowingly kills Koda's mother to avenge his brother Sitka.
  • Homer Simpson wields a club to exact revenge on the Rich Texan.
  • Corvo Attano goes for seeking vengeance against Hiram Burrows where the methods would be dependant on the player's action, whether it was violent way by killed him personally or in non-lethal way by blackmailing one of his underlings to expose his crimes.
  • Bubbles vows to find who tore Octi, to the point of blaming of her own sisters.
  • Axel Foley goes for revenge against Ellis DeWald for murdering his boss Inspector Douglas Todd and framing him for the shooting of Uncle Dave Thornton and he successfully kills him.
  • Chirin seeking revenge for the Wolf who was murdered his only mother and the Wolf will killing the entire sheep.
  • Magneto kills Sebastian Shaw for killing his mother and for the lives of all mutants and humans.
  • Maureen Corley seeks for revenge against Adrian Ripburger for killing her father Malcolm Corley and framing Ben Throttle and the Polecats for the murder.
  • The Undertaker seeks revenge on Yokozuna in Survivor Series 1994 for putting him down the months ago, later in 1995, The Undertaker seeks revenge against King Mabel for breaking his orbital bone.
  • Rick Grimes vow vengeance against Negan and the Saviors for killing his two good friends and family in his group that is Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee. They are also going against war against the Saviors.


Lilac: I'll never forgive you! / Carol: What you did is unforgiveable! (Brevon: I have no use for forgiveness, esp. from someone who puts my homeworld at risk for an oversized battery. I offer you one final chance. Leave. Now.) Carol: NO! You're DEAD! (Brevon: So be it.)
~ Lilac and Carol confronting Lord Brevon for revenge for what he did to Milla.

Your machines won't save you from the dragon you've unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!
~ Lilac squaring off against Brevon for revenge for what he did to Milla.

I know you. (Proculus: Really? Well, whatever revenge you think you're going to have, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.)
~ Milo facing Proculus to avenge the death of his family years ago.

You f***ed with the wrong family.
~ Jed Eckert, before shooting Captain Cho to avenge his father.

Spiritia: Iris! Lilli: You're gonna pay! (Iris: I have been waiting. Quite frankly, I didn't think you'd come all this way just to die.) Spiritia: Iris, I'll never forgive you! (Iris: You think a run-of-the-mill Magus like yourself can stand a chance against me, Rosenkreuz reborn? This is why I can't stand commoners... I have transcended humanity. I, Iris Zeppelin, have become a god! A worthless insect like yourself can't hope to stop me.) Spiritia: I may not know how great of a man Rosenkreuz was... but I know you're no god. If you don't have a heart pure enough to control your power, that power will end up controlling you! (Iris: Pah! The world is little more than my own personal toy. What's wrong with treating my toys however I wish?) Spiritia: We are not toys! We all have our fair share of hardships... and our own hopes and dreams. We try to make the most of our lives! And you have no right to toy around with them! (Iris: You certainly have a big mouth. You still don't understand the meaning of true power? In that case, I'll enjoy beating it into you until you've drawn your very last breath!)
~ Spiritia and Lilli confronting Iris for revenge for having manipulated both RKS and the Empire for her amusement.

My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!(Count Rugen: STOP SAYING THAT!!!
~ Inigo Montoya preparing to face Count Rugen and avenge his father's death

...That does it. You have just signed your own death warrant.
~ Grolla preparing to face Iris for revenge for having arranged for her grandfather to be brought back from the dead by Graf Michael Sepperin.

You will know the pain and suffering you caused the Emperor and Fiora!
~ Shulk facing Metal Face for revenge for his murder of Emperor Sorean and Fiora.

You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die.
~ Coco Adel facing a Beowolf for revenge for destroying her favorite clothing store.

Now do you get it? This is what it is to earn a dragon's loyalty! Let this end now!
~ Hiccup facing Drago for revenge for killing his father, Stoick.

Welcome to my World, B****!
~ Lori Campbell seeking vengeance by killing Freddy Krueger with Jason's machete for avenging her mother's death

Brothers, are you with me? (Harold and Justin give Geoff a thumbs up) (Blaineley: This outta be a fate sealer.)

Geoff: Here's an open letter to a treasure of a girl! (Blaineley: That's me!) Geoff: Whose behavior on this show always makes me hurl! (Blaineley: What?!) Geoff: She's a nasty, fake blonde schemer, who calls herself your host! Without the help of her entourage, her job would be toast! (Entourage: Hey!) (Blaineley: Hey! Heeeyyy.....) Geoff: She'll tell you that she loves your shirt, but it's something she can't stand! She's just so full of you-know-what, she has to double-flush the can! (Entourage: Hey!) (Blaineley: I eat a lot of fiber!) Geoff: She bought two pairs of the same jeans, one size four, and one size eight! So when she wears the bigger ones, you'll ask if she's lost weight! (Entourage: Hey!) Geoff: She's not the gal you think she is, so let me tell you plainly. There's thick black hair between her toes, and her real name isn't Blaineley! (Entourage: Hey!) Geoff: She's a phony, scheming, weasel-nose! And her real name isn't Blaineley! She steals and lies, and she's evil, bros, and her real name isn't Blaineley! It's Mildred! (Entourage: Hey!)

~ Geoff's revenge on Blainely

(Rick furious and angry when Negan bulge both Abraham and Glenn, Negan comes towards Rick.) Rick Grimes: I'm gonna kill you. Negan: What? I didn't quite catch that, you're gonna have to speak up. Rick Grimes: Not today, Not tomorrow, but I'm gonna kill you (in a strict voice).
~ Rick Grimes vowing vengeance over his lost friends and family of his group over Negan


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