And, in the center of the garden: Rose's Fountain, overflowing with your mother's healing lacrimal essence...
~ Pearl

Rose's Fountain

Rose's Fountain

"Rose's Fountain" is a sacred sanctuary powered by the healing tears of Rose Quartz. The tears have the power to heal cracked gemstones, among other physical ailments.

Rose's Fountain, while left untended, is encircled in a dome-like structure of brambles. The fountain itself is located in the middle of a garden, and a giant stone statue of Rose Quartz stands at its center on a star-shaped pedestal. Four life-sized Rose statues surround the central sculpture, and the fountain is filled with Rose's light pink healing tears. The tears pour from the statue's eyes into the large pool below.

After the fountain begins flowing again, the brambles bloom into pink roses, leaving the garden open-aired, and roses flutter down, blanketing both fountain and garden

It's appears in Steven Universe.


"An Indirect Kiss"Edit

After Amethyst accidentally cracked her gemstone from a fall off the lighthouse cliff, Steven, Garnet, and Pearl took her to the fountain to mend the crack and heal her. However, when they arrived, they found the fountain covered in brambles. Garnet was able to make a path through the thorns using brute force, only to find the fountain dry. As Steven and Amethyst fled from the attacking plants, Garnet and Pearl found the clog that was stopping the flow of tears to the fountain and removed it. With the fountain flowing again, Amethyst was healed and the bramble bushes were all transformed into pink roses.


  • Bramble, which commonly refers to the rough, tangled prickly bush of the blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), belongs to the plant family Rosaceae, or the rose family.
  • Pearl described the fountain as "Rose's most precious sanctuary".
  • In Attack the Light, the Rose's Tear and Bottle of Rose's Tears items both revive a Gem that has lost all of their Harmony.
  • In "An Indirect Kiss", Steven thought he activated the Fountain, and had saved Amethyst. In the end it was Garnet and Pearl unclogging a drain that sorted it out.
  • The Warp Pad located at the fountain has unique etchings on its sides.

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