Rose's Secret Armory is the secret headquarters of Rose Quartz.

Rose's Secret Armory


The Armory is located in a cave on top of a tall cliff a couple miles from a Warp Pad. It has a floor covered in water that surrounds a raised circular platform. In the center of the platform lies a pedestal that Steven can activate with his hand. It should be noted that Steven had difficulty using the platform the first time he had access to it, as he and Connie made futile attempts to pry his hand off the pedestal in the episode "Lion 2: The Movie".

Rose's Pedestal stands as a central access point to the armory. When activated, the platform lights up and the user can choose which weapons or equipment they want to appear. The selected items will then emerge from the floor. For example, when Steven and Connie discussed the possibility of "having to chop his hand off", the platform opens for the first time to reveal a set of swords. The Robot Shooty Thing was released upon hearing the words, "and I want to see lots of explosions". When Steven is poked on certain points of his body, a variety of objects appear.


  • The concept of the armory, being a cave filled with gadgets, armors and artifacts, is very reminiscent of the Batman's Batcave; both have a giant coin and suits/armor in glass cases too.
  • The design of Rose Quartz's giant penny resembles the "union shield" penny design introduced in 2010.
  • The first time Steven and Connie went into Rose's Armory, the penny was shown. However, it did not appear when Pearl and Steven traveled there in "Rose's Scabbard".
  • The Quartizine Trio was used in "The Return" along the Laser Light Cannon to fire a shot on to the Gem Warship.
  • The Heretic's Anguish bears a slight resemblance to the (likely fictional) torture device Iron Maiden.
  • Rose's Gem-activated pedestal shown in the armory is similar to the pedestal in the Facet Five Prime Control Room, appearing in "Marble Madness", and subsequent episodes featuring the Prime Control Room.
  • According to Pearl, she believed that she was the only one that Rose trusted to know about it, although it is not explained how Lion knew about the place.


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