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Royal Magic Wand, is a Star Butterfly's wand given by the royal family of the Kingdom of Mewni's greatest family heirloom in order to learn to use it for fight against the forces of evil. Ludo wishes Star's wand to take over the universe while Toffee wants to destroy it.

Formerly the wand was light purple with white wings attached to the handle. The head of the wand had a blue circle with a gold star and pink hearts surrounding the crystal star inside. There was a yellow crown on the tip of the wand, a blue butterfly between the head and handle, and a yellow tip with a blue heart at the end of the handle (which is actually the wand's charger).

After the wand lost its magic and unleashed an explosion following Star using the Whispering Spell, a new tiny unicorn came to recharge the wand, giving it a new appearance. Althought this version of the wand is also light purple with white wings, these are sharper and curved more toward the wand's tip. The faceplate consists of a light blue circle with a pentagon pattern, half of the gold star, and five pink hearts. The yellow crown on the tip of the wand is retained from its previous appearance, but the butterfly between the head and handle and the heart at the handle's base are now yellow instead of blue, with the butterfly taking on a new, larger shape. Bluish-purple tape also wraps around the handle.

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