Sailor Change Star
The Sailor Change Star was the item that the Sailor Starlights used to transform into their Sailor Scout identities. Each of the Starlights had one, and they all looked the same. The item was a two-piece set, consisting of a wireless white microphone and a transformation brooch shaped like an inverted triangle topped with a winged star.

In the anime, the earpiece of the microphone was shaped like a pentagon, with a five-pointed star within and a semi-transparent, light blue wing attached. It also had three gems, the colors of which corresponded to the color themes of the three Starlights - red, blue, and green (from top to bottom), representing Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer respectively. When the Starlights transformed, the earpiece of their microphone appeared on their left ear, covering its whole surface. As the transformation phrase was called into the microphone, the star on it flashed a few times before the transformation process began. During the transformation, the brooch appeared on their chests. The headset was visible only during the transformation and the Starlights' introduction sequences, after which point it disappeared.

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