In some stories, when the hero faces the enemy, he discovers some secrets between them. For example, the enemy can be someone the hero trusted, or associated with someone the hero trusted, or have a secret connection with the hero's past. The secrets can also be the enemy's ultimate plan.

This can have an effect such as leading the hero to outsmarting or overpowering the enemy or catching the hero off guard.


  • When Lois Griffin discovers that Diane Simmons wants to kill James Woods and frame Tom Tucker, she explains that Tom had replaced her with a younger woman on the news and Woods, her former boyfriend had left her, so she used a woman named Priscilla without revealing that she wanted to kill Woods, Priscilla had changed for the better of James Woods. Woods had organized a dinner with many residents of Quahog, his plan was to turn a gun aimed at the chair where he would have to sit Woods, to kill him, put the gun in the suitcase of Tom, and send Tom to jail. Instead of Woods, Quagmire's girlfriend, Stephanie, took the shot instead of James, but the power cut had gone away for a while and she stabbed Woods, there were some witnesses: Priscilla, his wife, Woods, Mort Goldman's wife, Muriel and Derek Wilcox, Jillian's husband, who killed the first two and the third with a Golden Globe, she places the Golden Globe under Tom's bed and the fault was on him.
  • Jason Johnston and Gunther Gibson tell their friends their story about meeting Quincy Maroone eight years ago, but discover his evil plan to rule Las Vegas.
  • Tweety discovering that a thief has been following him to steal his Royal Passport. 
  • The Looney Tunes discover that Marvin the Martian intends to use Lola Bunny's invisibility perfume on all of planet Earth, so as to make room for his next plan to invade Venus. 
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy discover that Miss Red's professor friend has actually captured her. He is Professor Moriarty, and he plans to use the stolen jewels and an upcoming solar eclipse to break into the Tower of London to steal the Crown Jewels. He has also left false clues, so Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson end up in the countryside. 
  • Duke discovers that the Doctor is actually Rex Lewis, his long-lost comrade. He also discovered his friend injected the Baroness with nanomites to help her get over a tragedy. 
  • In GoldenEye, James Bond learns that his former friend, Alec Trevelyan, faked his death at the hands of Colonel Arkady Grigorovich Ouroumov, now a general, in Arkangelesk, USSR a year earlier, and is now the mastermind behind the Janus Crime Syndicate and the GoldenEye and Tiger Helicopter thefts. In Die Another Day, he learns from Gustav Graves that Miranda Frost, another MI6 agent, was the one who betrayed him in North Korea a year earlier.
  • Just before Dominic, Brian and Mr. Nobody fight Deckard Shaw, he reveals that he brought backup from Mose Jakande, who subsequently ambushes them.
  • In Star Trek: Into Darkness, James T. Kirk (alternate reality) learned from Khan that he, along with Enterprise crew were manipulated to ensues war against Klingon by Marcus for his own gain.
  • Sunset Shimmer reveals, that Gloriosa is under a considerable amount of stress trying to keep the camp from being bought out by Filthy Rich.
  • Nathan Drake discovered that his older brother Sam had lied to him when he and Hector Alcázar, his cellmate, and Alcázar's men helped break the both of them out of the Panamanian Prison. In exchange, Alcázar bargains with Sam that he has three months to find Avery's treasure or he'll die. However, it was Rafe Adler revealed to Nate that Hector Alcázar was killed in a shoot out in Argentina six months ago and there was never a break out as he got Sam out of Prison after bribing the Warden two years before the supposed events with Hector Alcázar. This revelation left Nate both betrayed and furious that he left his life for his brother's sake.
  • In Ratchet& Clank: All 4 One, Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, and Dr. Nefarious discover that Mr. Dinkles was the one behind the thefts at Dr. Croid's laboratory and Ephemeris' ascension to villainy, and that Nevo was merely a slave/pawn in the villainous pet's scheme.


(The Doctor: MARS Industries manufactures 70% of all arms on the planet. 70%! Did you know that, Duke? There are two sides to McCullen's operation: the Sword and the Shield. The Sword creates and sells weaponry, while the Shield creates defensive technology, like high-tech bunkers, which are supposed to protect one from anything from a nuclear blast to a nanomite warhead. Unfortunately, the bunker in which I took shelter was just a prototype.) Who are you? (The Doctor takes off his wig and mask, revealing a scarred but familiar face.) Rex? YOU SON OF A B****! ANA BURIED YOU! (The Doctor: Moving ceremony, I'm sure. The three-volley salute. (puts his wig and mask back on) Boots on the ground, a folded flag in her arms.) Why? Why didn't you just come in? (The Doctor: Because I discovered something.) (Later on) (The Doctor: We survived that blast, somewhat, and Dr Mindbender and I escaped with his research, which I perfected and which you will now experience firsthand.) Does Ana know about this? About you? (The Doctor: No, and she never will.) (Later on) (The Doctor: You left me for dead, Duke, and look at me. Now you will know what it's like to be a monster!) (The Baroness knocks him off the machine and shuts it down, then frees Duke.) (Baroness: We don't have much time.) Ana? (The two embrace. Duke then sees a nanomite symbol under her ear.) Oh my goodness. (Ana suddenly falls unconscious) (The Doctor: Security to the operating chamber!) Rex! (The Doctor: (holding a small computer screen) I press this, she dies.) YOU DID THIS TO YOUR OWN SISTER! (The Doctor: I loved my sister. Do you have any idea of the state she was in with me dead, you gone? Have you ever felt truly alone? I gave her a way to deal with the pain. I gave her purpose.) You could have stopped all of this, just by letting her know you were alive. (The Doctor: Science requires sacrifice.) All she's done... was BECAUSE OF YOU! (The Doctor: And because of you, Duke. You abandoned her. Let's not forget that point.) I'm gonna kill you, Rex. (McCullen shows up with with some Neo-Vipers.) (McCullen: Is she still alive?) (The Doctor: For now.) (McCullen: I thought we had complete control. You said this couldn't happen!) (The Doctor: I didn't think it could. I've never seen anyone override the programming, even momentarily.) (McCullen: She did this for him.) (The Doctor: The pain must've been excruciating.) (Ana makes a slow blink.)
~ Duke discovering that the Doctor is actually Rex Lewis, his long-lost comrade. He also discovered that Rex injected the Baroness with nanomites to help her get over a tragedy.

Who's there? (Diana looks through the windows of the control tower and sees a familiar silhouette.) Sir Patrick? (Sir Patrick: (takes off his hat) You were right, Diana. They don't deserve our help. They only deserve destruction.) (Diana realises who he really is.)'re him. (Sir Patrick: (revealed to be Ares) I am. But I'm not who you thought I was. (Meanwhile, Steve, Charlie, Sameer and Chief, disguised as German soldiers in gas masks, pass a false salute to other Germans, who return the salute as they walk past them. They stop walking and take their masks off as they find a massive fighter plane.) (Sameer: What is that?) (Steve: The future.) (Back at the control tower, Diana prepares to attack. She slowly walks around the control tower, her sword in hand.) (Ares: I'm not your enemy, Diana. I'm the only one who truly knows you. And who truly knows them, as you do now. They always have been and always will be weak, cruel, selfish, and capable of the greatest horrors.) (Once Diana walks into the room, Ares is gone, appearing on the other side of the windows.) (Ares: All I ever wanted was for the gods to see how evil my father's creation was. But they refused.) I am Diana of Themiscyra... (Ares: So I destroyed them.) ...daughter of Hippolyta, and I am here to complete her... (Ares appears right behind her. Seeing her chance, Diana lunges at him with the sword, but he disintegrates it just by letting it go into his hand. Diana is stunned.) The Godkiller... (Ares: My dear child, that's not the Godkiller. (blows dust from his hand) You are. Only a god can kill another god. Zeus left the child he had with the Queen of the Amazons, as a weapon to use against me.) No. You liar! (traps him in the Lasso of Hestia.) I compel you to tell me the truth! (Ares: I am.) (Steve, Charlie and Sameer walk under the plane, while Chief sneaks into Maru's lab.) (Ares: I am not the god of war, Diana. I am the god of truth. Mankind stole this world from us. (uses his powers to electrocute the lasso, starting control of Diana's vision, taking her back to No Man's Land.) They ruined it, day by day, (takes her back to the control tower, then to the sky, where Ares was seen wounded and banished to Earth.) And I, the only one wise enough to see it, was left too weak to stop them. All these years I have struggled alone, whispering into their ears. Ideas, inspirations for formulas, weapons. But I don't make them use them. They start these wars on their own. (as Sameer checks the bombs on the plane) All I do is orchestrate an armistice I know they cannot keep, in the hopes they will destroy themselves. But it has never been enough. (Chief discovers a map of Europe with a red circle encircling London and an arrow pointing to it from the base's location in Germany, revealing that the Germans plan to use the gas bombs to attack London.) Until you. When you first arrived, I was going to crush you. But I knew that if only you could see what the other gods could not... (takes her back to No Man's Land) ...then you would join me and, with our powers combined... (makes the ruined trees nearby grow into healthy ones) ...we could finally end all the pain, all the suffering and destruction they bring. And we could return this world to the paradise it was before then. Forever. (Diana considers.) I... I can never be a part of that. (Ares: (takes her back to the tower and stops using his lightning on the lasso.) My dear, I don't want to fight you, but if I must... (electrocutes the lasso again, this time creating a massive explosion of white light that destroys the tower and throws Diana across the base.)
~ Diana Prince discovering that one of her allies, Sir Patrick Morgan, is actually Ares, as well as her true identity and destiny, and his plans against humanity, as her team discovers the Germans' plans to win the war.

(Bond wanders through a labyrinth of statues,) (Voice: Hello, James.) (Bond suddenly turns around to see where the voice came from. A silhouette steps out of the shadows, with a faint light behind him. Bond realises he is Janus. When he comes closer, he reveals a familiar face. Bond pulls his gun back in shock.) Alec? (Alec: Back from the dead. No longer just an anonymous star on the memorial wall of MI6. What's the matter, James? No glib remark? No pithy comeback?) Why? (Alec: Ha-ha-ha. Hilarious question. Particularly from you. Did you ever ask why? Why we toppled all those dictators, undermined all those regimes, only to come home "Well done, good job, but sorry, old boy. Everything you risked your life and limb for has changed"?) It was the job we were chosen for. (Alec: Of course you would say that. James Bond, Her Majesty's loyal terrier. Defender of the so-called faith.) (Bond points his gun at Alec.) (Alec: Oh, please, James, put it away, It's insulting to think I haven't anticipated your every move.) Yes. (lowers his gun.) I trusted you, Alec. (Alec: "Trust"? What a quaint idea.) How did the MI6 screening miss that your parents were Lienz Cossacks? (Alec: Once again, your faith is misplaced. They knew. We're both orphans, James. But where your parents had the luxury of dying in a climbing accident, mine survived the British betrayal and Stalin's execution squads, but my father couldn't let himself or my mother live with the shame of it. MI6 figured I was too young to remember. And in one of life's little ironies, a son went to work for the government whose betrayal caused the father to kill himself and his wife.) Hence "Janus", the two-faced Roman god come to life. (Alec: (referring to his scars) It wasn't God who gave me this face, it was you, setting the timers for three minutes instead of six.) Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? (Alec: No. You're supposed to die for me. And by the way, I did think of asking you to join my little scheme, but somehow I always knew 007's loyalty was always to the mission, never to his friend. Closing time, James. Last call.) (Bond pulls his gun again, only to be shot in the neck with a tranquilizing dart. Alec walks up to him as one of his agents does.) (Alec: For England, James.)
~ James Bond discovering that Janus is actually his old, thought-dead friend, Alec Trevelyan, as well as his desire for revenge against the United Kingdom.

(Mason: Sir, I think you're gonna want to take a look at this. I'll put it up.) (A video message comes up.) (Video terrorist: To our friends, in the West, whose idea of war is a remote, dusty location, thousands of miles from the comfort zone of your shopping malls. To send your poor to be blown to bits in our land or, better yet, murder our families remotely from the sky. Your time is over. We're bringing the war to you. Make no mistake, this is the day when your world changes forever.) (The message signs off.) (Mason: This is all over social media, too. Everybody in the world has seen this.) Aamir Barkawi. (MacMillan: Number six on the ten list.) This man is responsible for more deaths than the Plague. Sells arms to every failed state in the world. He has a vast array of connections. Terrorists, mercenaries, corporations. (During this, the landline rings, and Clegg answers it.) (Clegg: Mr Vice President, it's Barkawi.) Put him through. (Barkawi appears on the screen again.) (Barkawi: I thought you might take my call. You understand if I made it difficult to track?) You have me at somewhat of a loss. I thought you would have learned a lesson by now about crawling out of your hole. (Barkawi: I never lifted a finger against you.) You armed those who have. (Barkawi: I sold triggers, Mr Trumbull, just like you.) What do you want? (Barkawi: Your President. You can end this right now. Just hand him over.) That's not going to happen. (Barkawi: Then every death from this moment forward will be on your head.) (signs off. Everyone in the room thinks in fear.) Barkawi...sells arms through dummy companies...some of them probably in London. Find a connection to him. He's probably been planning this for years. Everybody makes a mistake, and we have to find it before he finds the President. Let's get to it.
~ Vice President Allan Trumbull and his staff discovering Aamir Barkawi as the mastermind behind the London attacks, as well as his demands.

(Dom, Brian and the team find Shaw eating alone) (Brian: I hope you're enjoying your last meal.) (Shaw looks up from his plate, puts his fork down and looks around.) (Shaw: This is it? This is all I warrant? A dozen men?) (Agent Sheppard: I think you'll find it's more than enough.) (Shaw wipes his mouth with a tablecloth, pulls a pin from his teeth and puts a grenade on the table. The team goes alert while Dom walks up to Shaw.) I'm ready to meet my maker. Are you? (Shaw: What were you expecting, Toretto? Catch me off guard? Me standing here, waving a white flag? You ever heard the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"?) I don't have friends. I got family. (Shaw: Well, I got a lot of friends.) (The room suddenly goes dark before a door explodes and Mose Jakande and his militants appear in the smoke, firing multiple shots per second from their machine guns.)
~ Dom, Brian and the Covert Ops team facing Deckard Shaw in Abu Dhabi, only for him to reveal his friendship with their other enemies, throwing the team off guard.

[The Phantom Shadow enters the library and throws aside a couch. It is about to attack Fred, Daphne, and Velma when Scooby tosses some books that phase through it.] (Shaggy: Good shot, Scoob ol' bubby! Give him another one!) [The Phantom approaches Scooby, who gives it a stack of books for it to carry.] (Daphne: Scooby, now!) [Once Scooby pulls a yellow book using his tail, the weight of the books forces the Phantom to plunge through a trap slide. Once it awakens, it finds itself trapped in a salt circle made by Dean, Sam, and Castiel that it is unable to break out of.] (Sam: That's a salt circle. You're stuck.) (Phantom Shadow, banging against the salt circle wall: LET! ME! GO!) (Dean: Be happy to, Sparky. As soon as you tell us who you really are.) [Defeated, the Phantom sits on the floor and morphs into a Ghost Kid.] (Castiel: It's... a child.) (Dean: Yeah, creppy ghost kid. You'll get used to them.) (Sam: But... Wait... Why are you trying to kill us?) (Ghost Kid: I'm not. I never wanted to hurt anyone but the Bad Man. He makes me.) (Castiel: The Bad Man?) (Ghost Kid: His name is Jay.) (Dean: That dude from the pawn shop.) (Ghost Kid: When I died, my soul was tied to a pocket knife. My dad gave it to me. It meant everything. When Jay found me, he used me to... Sometimes, I just get so angry. Break things. Hurt people. But I don't want to. I just want to see my dad again.)
~ After Scooby-Doo and the Winchester brothers trick the Phantom Shadow into falling through a trap slide towards a salt circle, the Phantom reveals itself to be a Ghost Kid manipulated into scaring people to the point of them selling their property to Jay "the Bad Man".

(Ratchet: Nevo?) (Nevo, terrified: GAAHH! [falls over] How did you get in here?! You have to go! He's going to be upset. Very, very upset!) (Ratchet: Who's going to be upset?) (Mr. Dinkles, as he enters the room: Nevo, Nevo, Nevo. You didn't tell me you were expecting guests.) (Nevo: I'm sorry! They must have circumvented the defense system.) (Mr. Dinkles: [cuts Nevo off] Silence! [turns his attention to Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, and Dr. Nefarious.] You four have been quite meddlesome.) (Clank: You stole the plans to Dr. Croid's protomorphic energy extractor?) (Mr. Dinkles: You should've seen the look on Nevo's face! He even tried to stop me, if you can believe it. I would've disposed of him, but he's actually been quite useful. Building my collectors, modifying Ephemeris. He's been a wonderful pet.) (Captain Quark: What does a little furball like you need with a spaceship and a protoplasmic energy trans... dinger?) (Mr. Dinkles: Protomorphic energy extractor, you simpleton. And the answer is... freedom.) (Ratchet, noticing the purple fragments in the room: Guys, I don't think these are comet pieces. These are from a planet.) (Mr. Dinkles: The smaller ones are easy to control. But larger life-forms have always been... problematic. Ironic these slovenly bottom feeders succeeded in the one area we could not. [The protomorphic energy extractor is raised into the room, along with a large glass canister containing a captive monster.] This is the future! A machine that can force our consciousness into vessels worthy of our intelligence. With this, Toranux will be reborn! And I can't have you lot ruining it...)
~ Ratchet, Clank, Captain Quark, and Dr. Nefarious discover that Mr. Dinkles was the one behind the thefts at Dr. Croid's laboratory and Ephemeris' ascension to villainy, and that Nevo was merely a slave in the villainous pet's scheme.

This is who you are, Blazemaster, you've got all the credentials... learn to live with it!
~ Skywarp stating that Blazemaster has what it takes to become a Decepticon.