Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 01m 46s

Judgment crashes the party

The Silent Party (改革未明サイレントパーティー Kaikaku Mimei (Sairento Pātī), lit. "Early Dawn of Reform") was the name of the rebellion launched by the STUDY Corporation against Academy City and was a major event in the A Certain Scientific Railgun S series. It was an uprising where STUDY plotted to take over Academy City and plan to mass-produce espers in their own perfect vision but were stopped by Judgment with support from outsiders and ended with Mikoto Misaka storming their command center and destroying the AIM Bomb.


In the summer, STUDY had been amassing an army of robots and were finishing up their brand new system to be used to create brand new perfect espers. The goal was simple, take over Academy City and have their esper creating system go into effect as the de facto system for esper creation. Originally, STUDY had the element of surprise as they managed to incapacitate Anti-Skill for being their main supplier, having Mikoto Misaka captured, and without Anti-Skill, there was no armed resistance. On August 30th they launched the rebellion when they were confronted by Judgment and battled with them only to have all their forced get whipped out and after their command center was taken, all of the STUDY members were arrested and the organization dissolved.




  • Haruki Aritomi - Head Commander
  • Shunichi Kosako
  • Kenji Madarame
  • Jun Sakurai
  • Hirotada Sekimura
  • Shinobu Nunotaba (Prisoner)
  • Main Assault Force
    • 20,000 HsPS-15 Powered Suits
    • 2 Mobile Assault Weapons
    • Artificial Meltdowners
    • AIM Bomb


  • Mugino Shizuri - Leader
  • Frenda Seivelun
  • Rikou Takistubo
  • Saiai Kinuhata

Casualties & LossesEdit


  • Various negligible injuries.
  • Damage to city property.


  • Negligible injuries to members.
  • All Powered Suits and mobile weapons destroyed.
  • AIM Bomb destroyed
  • Artificial Meltdowners destroyed
  • All combatants arrested and detained.
  • Dissolution of STUDY


  • None


  • All members of STUDY are taken into custody by Anti-Skill and the organization dissolves.
  • Property damage is done to Academy City.
  • Frebrie and Janie are freed and leave Academy City with Shinbou to readjust their bodies.
  • Academy City authorities hypnotized by Misaki Shokuhou and digital records are taken.


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