South Pacific Ocean Castle
The South Pacific Ocean Castle is where Coco and the yellow mermaids live. The castle was featured in Mermaid Melody Pure Episode 12.


Coco's Castle is located in the South Pacific Ocean Kingdom. After Gaito's defeat, Coco returns to rebuild along with the sirens of her kingdom. The whole kingdom is gold, with pyramids and Sphinx, so it's known as "The Queen of the Desert. " It also has many crystal shapes, as they are in warm areas. It is said that she built the kingdom out of a cave called the Cave of Gold, so all the gold and crystal has a golden hue. The Kingdom of desert has many pyramids. The inside of the palace is all yellow and has a shell throne. Coco's room is in the highest tower of the Palace, with a balcony that has a yellow chair with yellow star-shaped cushions. Coco always looks after the security of her servants. They all have different shades of yellow tail but do not have the bracelets that the mermaid princesses have in the queue.

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