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Speakable Good

 Speakable Good
also called "Golden Words", is The Heroic/Positive and Miraculous version of the "Unspeakable Evil", When a villain reach some acts heinous which that make his name a taboo and no one can talk about them is unmistakable, Clearly the Speakable Good is the opossite of that, Is when a hero make positive acts for security of all such as miracles, heroic sacrifice, defenfending the innocent, protecting innocent people, or even becoming supreme beings of pure pureness (Even this qualify to the Goodness Zone), which make his names a symbol of good luck, peace and hope who always think about them, given a glimpse for a better future to everyone.

Examples Edit

  • Superman (DC Comics) - He's without a good example of this, not only recognized in his universe, his always feared by the villains who encountered.
  • Mata Nui (Bionicle) - Another good example of this the Great Spirit of the Matoran Universe, always respected by all his inhabitants.
  • Primus (Transformers) - The Creator of the Planet Cybertron and the Brother of the malefico Unicron, is always respected by all the cybertronians.
  • Raava (The Legend of Korra) - The Spiritual counterpart of Vaatu and by extension the force who connect all the incarnations of the all avatars.

Gallery Edit

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