Bruce: You once told me that when I'm finished, we'll be together. Rachel: Bruce, don't make me your only hope to have a normal life
~ Bruce thinking about his future with Rachel, but Rachel can't because she's dating Harvey

A form of Shipping where a shipper supports the idea like with ships where the love is presumed to be requited, this can be support for a "pairing" that is either supported or unsupported by canon.

Unlike more mainstream shipping, if the love is ever requited in canon this may cause the "starboarder" to abandon shipping because it has become canon.

Whereas a more conventional ship is usually displayed in fanfic summaries and stuff as, say, Bruce Wayne x Rachel Dawes, a "starboard" seems to displayed with an arrow thus: Bruce → Rachel

As this sort of ship can lend itself to many a Love Triangle, it can lead to stacking of characters in this sort of situation, or even a loop. For example: Bruce Wayne → Racheal Dawes → Harvey Dent

Not to be confused with the sailing term "Starboard!", which is shouted when a boat has right of way since that boat is on "starboard tack." Though there is a parallel if you think about it hard enough.


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