That's how we'll get her - Wander over yonder song01:47

That's how we'll get her - Wander over yonder song

"That's How We'll Get Her" is a song sung by Sylvia and Peepers in the episode "My Fair Hatey" when both was preparing their strategies to get Lord Dominator.


Peepers: (slaps face) No matter, I don't need them! My plan is fool-proof!

I've done extensive research
On our good friend, Dominator.
You see, her whole fleet's powered
By volcanic excavator.
So I'll apply frostonium
To this pyroregulator.
And completely discombobulate
Her army's power center.

Divide by nine, halve the sine,
Adjust for Y, easy as pie!
Watch her forces crumble
Before my strategic eye!
That's how I'll get her (how I'll get her!)
That's how I'll get her!
I'll sneak into her engine room and Freeze her core,
That's how I'll get her (how I'll get her!)
That's how I'll get her!
Once I get her, Dominator
Will bother us no more!

Sylvia: Did you just sing that?
Peepers: What?! No! (stammers) Don't be ridiculous!
Sylvia: Well, it's a cute plan. It's just, uh...
Peepers: "Just uh..." "Just uh..." what?

Sylvia: It's nothing, no, this all sounds great.
It really is quite charming.
You're just forgetting, I dunno,
Her massive flarpin' army!
You clearly put some thought into
Your big old plan to get her,
But how you gonna pull it off
With bots up in your retina?

Listen, Peeps, her bot army
Will punt ya cross the galaxy!
With such a massive peeper, Peepers,
How can't you see you'll never get her? (Peepers: Yes, I'll get her!)
You'll never get her!
Your wits alone won't win this interplanetary war!
You'll never get her! (Peepers: Sure, I'll get her!)
You'll never get her,
'Cause she's better! You go in there
And you will be no more!

Peepers: Okay, okay, you definitely sang that last part.
Sylvia: Well, so did you! I was only followin' your lead.
Peepers: Wait! Follow my lead! That's it! (brings out Power Gloves) I may not stand a chance against Dominator's bots, but you could fight them to a standstill!
Sylvia: While you install the frostonium and freeze her army! No, this is crazy.
Peepers: Desperate times call for desperate measures! Are you a man or are you a zbornak?! (hands over Power Gloves)
Sylvia: ...Alright, I'm in! (puts on gloves)

Sylvia and Peepers: That's how we'll get her!
That's how we'll get her!
Peepers: Once we get her,
Sylvia and Peepers: Dominator will bother us no mooooooooooooooooooooooorrre!

Great! But no singing!

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