The Care-Bear Stare

The Care-Bear Stare

The Care-Bear Stare is a powerful ability for fighting the forces of evil in the various adaptations in the cartoon show The Care Bears. The Care-Bear Stare is the secret weapon of the titular Care-bears. While every Care-Bear possesses an insignia of their own on their stomachs that projects various lights, particles and effects, usually employed to either defend themselves, others or just for use as basic needs like lighting a room, the Care-Bear Stare itself is used only when the Care-Bares encounter some being or force of pure evil that can not be reasoned with or reformed with basic moralizing.The Stare is not used lightly, both because uniting all the Care-Bears and Care-Cousins is logistically difficult and also because most of the time the Care-Bears basic ideology is to try to reform or enlighten misguided cruelty/callousness. The Care-Bear Stare is the combined projections of all of the Care-Bears at once as a weaponize burst of love, compassion and friendship that causes evil beings pain. When used the Care-Bare Stare can overcome or at-least seriously hinder all forces of evil. The Care-Bear Stare can be weakened by either the Care-Bears losing numbers or morale as the effort is both a symbol of team work and entirely powered by the convictions of all those involved.

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