A hero/heroine must rescue someone or something when they are under attack. They quickly do this whenever they sense distress, such as hearing a cry for help. This event often happens when another hero is being overpowered by a villain, or a simple civilian is being threatened.

Not to be confused with Freeing the Hostages.

Examples Edit

  • Darkwing Duck speeds on his Ratcatcher to save Gosalyn Waddlemeyer from Taurus Bulba's henchmen.
  • Tom Cat chases the Siamese Cat trio to rescue the kidnapped Jerry Mouse.
  • Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse pursue Miss Gulch to rescue Dorothy Gale's dog, Toto.
  • Iago's timely arrival to save Aladdin and the gang from Jafar's wrath.
  • Fagin smashing into Sykes' warehouse to save Jenny, Oliver, Dodger and the gang.
  • Tarzan swinging to save his gorilla clan from Clayton and his goons
  • Nash and Ramsey move to the rescue Arlo and Spot who were chased by Thunderclap and his gang
  • The Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion sneaking into the Wicked Witch's castle to rescue Dorothy.
  • Andrew Steyn, Mpudi and Xi immobilize Sam Boga and his gang to rescue Kate Thompson and her students.
  • George Newton and his family moves to rescue their puppies from Regina and Floyd who snatched the puppies from Ted and Emily.
  • Anne Lewis successfully rescues her partner Robocop from being destroyed by her friend-turned traitor Lt. Hedgecock who follow Dick Jones' orders to destroy him after being inform by Kaplan and the others of the latter's treachery.
  • Gurgi sneaking into the Horned King's castle to rescue Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur Fflam.
  • Hermey and Yukon Cornelius distracting the Abominable Snowmonster in order to save Rudolph, his family, and Clarice.
  • Blinky's mother Betty Bill saving Blinky Bill from Sir Claude "The Cat"


Never fear, little miss. Darkwing Duck has you now.
~ Darkwing Duck speeds on his Ratcatcher to rescue Gosalyn Waddelmeyer from Taurus Bulba's henchmen.

(Rasputin: Say your prayers, Anastasia! NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU!) WANNA BET?! (Punches Rasputin in the face)
~ Dimitri's timely arrival to save Anastasia from Rasputin.

(Sir Claude "The Cat": Playtime's over, Time to explore the afterlife. (He tries to kill Blinky with his claws but Betty appears) Get your paws off my son! (Punches Sir Claude "The Cat" in the face)
~ Mrs. Bill's appears at the zoo to save Blinky Bill from Sir Claude "The Cat".

(Atticus: Where are you going?) I have to find her. (Atticus: Milo, this is madness! We have to get to the harbour and find a boat. The mountain is going to kill us all!) She risked her life for me, Atticus, risked everything for me! Without her, they would have killed us in that arena! (Atticus: Then we'll go together.) No. You have your freedom, my friend. Now, she is mine. (Atticus: Then we'll meet at the harbour.) At the harbour. (runs off)
~ Milo planning to rescue Cassia.

~ Elise saves Josh from the Long-haired fiend.

(Jafar has trapped Aladdin and the gang in a lava pit.) (Jafar: Give it up, boy! You shall never have my lamp! And there is no one to save you this time!) (Iago charges in) Hey, Jafar, SHUT UP!!! (Aladdin: Iago?) (Jafar: TRAITOR!) (Iago grabs the lamp, but Jafar zaps him, sending the injured parrot onto a rock) (Jasmine: No!) (Weak Iago looks at Jafar then at the black lamp) (Jafar, laughs evilly: Good help is so hard to find these days, isn't it, Aladdin?) (Iago wriggles his foot towards the lamp. Jafar gasps in horror as he realizes exactly what Iago is about to do!) (Using his last ounce of strength, Iago kicks the lamp, sending it into the molten lava.) (Jafar: MY LAMP! NOO!!!) (The lamp melts in the magma, causing the screaming Jafar to be electrocuted, then explode into nothingness.)
~ Iago's timely arrival to save Aladdin and the gang from Jafar's wrath. Jafar blast his former hench bird and sends him on rock. But using his last ounce of strength, Iago kicks Jafar's lamp into the molten lava, causing Jafar to electrocute, then explode into nothingness.

(Lt. Hedgecock and his SWAT surround Robocop at the OCP parking complex)(Lt. Hedgecock: Prepare to fire.) (The SWAT aim their weapons at Robocop) (Kaplan, Jerry, and Ramirez realize exactly what Lt. Hedgecock is gonna do!) (Kaplan, shouts: HEY, WAIT A SECOND!!!) (Jerry, furiously: HE'S A COP FOR GOD'S SAKE!) (Ramirez, angry: HEDGECOCK, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!) (Lt. Hedgecock, sternly: We have orders to destroy it.) (Jerry, disgusted: Ah, shit!) (Kaplan, disgusted: You're maniacs!) (Kaplan, Jerry, and Ramirez walks off to alert Anne Lewis to Lt. Hedgecock's betrayal) (Lt. Hedgecock, to his SWAT: Open fire.) (The SWAT open fires at Robocop who then makes a run) (Lt. Hedgecock: Move it!) (Robocop escapes into the parking level 3, then a police car stops in front of him and he holds on the bumper) (Anne Lewis emerges out of the police car, realizing exactly what Lt. Hedgecock has done!) (Anne Lewis: Murphy! Murphy, it's me. Lewis.) (Robocop lifts his hand to Lewis and she puts his arm on her shoulder and leads and boards him into her police car) (SWAT #1: Lieutenant! Level 3! He's on Level 3) (SWAT #2: Over here, over here!) (Anne Lewis quickly boards on her police car) (Lt. Hedgecock: Open fire!) (Anne Lewis quickly drives away from her tricked SWAT comrades and the traitor as the SWAT open fires at her)
~ Anne Lewis' timely arrival to rescue her partner Robocop from being destroyed by her friend-turned traitor Lt. Hedgecock who followed Dick Jones' orders to destroy him.


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