Let an old pro show you how it's done.
~ Mufasa teaching Simba how to pounce.

In any story, the hero or heroine trains or tutors someone for a true purpose, usually to help them boost up their sense of purpose. Other times, a person the hero cares about can train them, especially using their experiences.

The purpose of Training and Tutoring is of course, to ensure the protagonists would be ready for heroism that they would performed.


While everyone can be a hero, not all forms of heroism that a character ready to handle such as stop villainous tyrants or other kinds of formidable antagonists whom terrorize innocent people. They need a mentor whom can taught them path of heroism as well as other lessons that they need to fulfill his/her dream/destiny.

As stated before, the hero/heroine would also told the protagonist about their past experiences as part of the lesson. Over the course of the training, the protagonist would found that their mentor may have dark secrets/past such as being a former fraud/villain, witnesses grim fate of an associate whom learned forbidden forms of techniques/arts, suffer betrayals, etc., in which the hero taught them important lessons from it so the protagonist found better solution in dealing the hero/heroine's problem and prevent the protagonist made same mistake with him/her.


  • Winnie Portley-Rind teaches Eggs how to be a proper boy to fit in with his environment.
  • Mufasa teaches Simba to be a good ruler and how to pounce.
  • Kovu teaches Kiara how to hunt well.
  • Master Shifu teaches Po the ways of Kung Fu.
  • Mr. Miyagi trains Daniel LaRusso in the ways of Karate.
  • Mr. Han teaches Dre Parker Kung Fu.
  • Li Shang trains Mulan and the recruits in the ways of the Imperial Army.
  • Garrett teaches Kayley about the dangers and wonders of the Forbidden Forest.
  • Pearl training Connie to sword fight in steven universe.
  • Goku training Gohan in Hyberbolic Time Chamber to fight with Cell in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi both teach Luke Skywalker the ways of the Jedi.
  • Rapunzel teaches the Pub Thugs to find their humanity by sharing a dream they each have with others.
  • Baloo teaches Mowgli how to have fun in the jungle and to forget your worries.
  • King Fergus teaches Merida how to use a bow and arrow, which sparks her courage.
  • The Undertaker teaches his half-brother Kane how to do the Last Ride on a wrestler for the first time.
  • Walo & Wojtas training Spejson for MMA tournament.
  • Ancient One taught Stephen Strange about mystic arts which both led to his change into better man and destiny as Supreme Sorcerer.
  • Piccolo teaches a young Gohan how to fight, by fighting him.
  • Springer training Jolt, Rollbar, and Dune Runner on how to be affective Autobots.


Relax. Feel the earth under your paws, so it doesn't shift and make noise.
~ Kovu teaching Kiara how to hunt well.

When you meet someone, you must look them in the eye and shake hands.
~ Winnie Portley-Rind teaching manners to Eggs.

Less talk, more pain, marshmallow boy!
~ Mike Wazowski drilling Sulley's morning workout for scaring

First rule of engagement: know your enemy. Second rule of engagement... do the unexpected! You've got to mix it up out there, step outside your spec. Why? Because the enemy will know you!
~ Springer training Jolt, Rollbar, and Dune Runner on how to be affective Autobots.

(Melman starts climbing the tightrope ladder as he watches Gloria dance) Melman(scoffs): Dancing. All you're doing is moving and not getting anywhere. I mean, the music totally throws off my timing. You want excitement? Check it out, Who's on a tightrope? Huh? Who's on a tightrope? AAAAH!! I'M ON A TIGHTROPE! (Gloria stops dancing and gasps) Gloria: Melman?! Oh, my gosh! Melman: Help me! Gloria(climbing up the ladder): Hold on, sweetie! Melman (desperately trying to keep his balance): Whoa!-Whoa! (loses his balance and starts swinging on the rope by his neck) Gloria: Melman! Melman(swinging round and round by his neck on the tightrope): Ow! Ow! Ow! (Gloria reaches the top of the tightrope) Gloria: Calm down, Melman. Melman: I'm gonna fall and break all of my neck!!! Ah! Gloria: Just look at me. Look at me. All eyes on me. Melman (calm but still timid): O-okay. Gloria: Come to me. Melman: I-I-I can't! Gloria: It's just like dancing, Melman. Two steps forward, one step back. Melman: I CAN'T DANCE, OKAY?! There, I said it! Gloria: Maybe because you've never tried– Melman: No, I have tried! I-I practiced in private because you dance so well. Gloria (touched): You practiced...for me? Melman: Yes! But it's no use! I never know what to do with my arms! Whoa, whoa! (Melman starts to frantically keep his balance in the tightrope; Gloria grabs his arms to keep his balance) Gloria: Hold it! That part is so easy, Melman. OK? 'Cause all you have to do is put them around your partner. (she places Melman's hooves around her shoulders) See? Two steps forward, one step back. Melman: I'm dancing. I'M DANCING! WE'RE DANCIN' ON A TIGHTROPE!
~ Gloria helping Melman on the tightrope.

So tense buttocks and let's begin! MMA we're coming! Spejson "Detonator" Puchacki!
~ Walo to Spejson, which training for MMA tournament

If you're going to work with me, Tim, you have to follow the rules. Rule Number One: first, you give me everything you've got. Rule Number Two: then, you give me more. And Rule Number Three: I make the rules.
~ Bruce Wayne teaching Tim Drake how to fight crime and follow Bruce's rules.