Some of these fictional heroes transform themselves into their true identities or new bodies.


Animated films

  • The Beast transforms back into his old handsome human prince form, Prince Adam.
  • The Blue Fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy.
  • Queen Elsa becomes a beautiful Snow Queen.
  • Wallace is turned into a were-rabbit in the light of the Full Moon.

Anime and manga

  • A-ko Magami magically transforms her different outfit into her most powerful sailor-suited battle uniform.
  • Serena Tsukino becomes Sailor Moon with the Transformation Brooch.
  • Sakura Kinomoto magically transforms into Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura's different outfit also magically transforms into her school uniform, while she's transforming.
  • Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan after witnessing the death of his best friend, Krillin.
  • Baby Dragon becomes Thousand Dragon with Time Wizard's effect to age the opponents' monsters.



Live-action films

  • Alex Murphy becomes RoboCop after he was brutally gunned down by Clarence Boddicker and his gang.

Live-action TV

The Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, and their friend Castiel get turned into animated versions of themselves in the episode "Scoobynatural".

Video games


Here's to us, Fiona. (Donkey: Shrek, if you drink that, there's no going back.) I know. (Donkey: But, no more wallowing in the mud?) I know. (Donkey: And no more itchy butt crack?) I know. (Donkey: But you love being an ogre!) I know! But I love Fiona more. (Donkey: Shrek! No! Wait!)
~ Shrek, about to drink the transforming "Happy Ever After" potion, to Donkey's fear.




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