Heroic Overview
In the next event, if even ONE of us gets caught, we're all out.
~ Mike Wazowski telling Sulley and the Oozma Kappa gang about the library challenge.

In any story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine has to go through minefield-like challenges that test them on their journey. The missions can be obtaining a treasure, searching for someone to save, or making it past a dangerous monster. These challenges range from a zombie apocalypse and a dank dungeon to an obstacle course and the lair of a mighty beast.


  • In the Hunger Games franchise, Katniss Everdeen and her friends go against obstacles in the games, ranging from mutts to traps in a bid to survive President Snow's reign of terror and save their people and homeland.
  • In the Indiana Jones franchise, the main protagonist evades booby traps to obtain a treasure.
  • Bilbo Baggins has to sneak past Smaug to obtain the dwarves' stolen treasure.
  • Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong run through the Hall of Abstract Thought in a desperate attempt to reach the Train of Thought.
  • Kayley, Garrett, Devon and Cornwall escape from a gang of monstrous dragons.
  • Quinn Abercromby, Denton Van Zan and Alex Jensen navigating through several female dragons to get to the male dragon's lair in London.
  • Mike, Sulley, and the Oozma Kappa gang make it through the challenges of the Scare Games, ranging from doing their best to evade showers of stinging glow urchins to avoiding getting caught by the librarian.
  • Darkwing Duck escapes many villains' traps throughout the series.
  • Owen Grady fleeing from Indominus Rex.
  • Merida escaping from Mor'du
  • Gizmo escaping from the dismantling of Mr. Wing's shop.
  • Ofelia must obtain a dagger and avoid getting captured by the Pale Man.
  • Roy Eberhardt jumps over a set of mousetraps to escape Dana Matherson, tricking him into getting caught himself.
  • After Gustav the giant swallows him, Mickey Mouse grabs the bucket of a well the giant is using as a thermos, launching himself out of his mouth.
  • Rocky Rhodes and Ginger narrowly escape from Mrs. Tweedy's pie machine.
  • Pinocchio and Geppetto ride their raft out of Monstro's dangerous maw.
  • Aladdin and Abu escaping from the collapsing Cave of Wonders.
  • Simba crawls through a tangle of thorns to escape the hyenas.
  • Woody and his gang pull off an escape from Sunnyside Daycare.
  • Pinocchio escaping Pleasure Island before he transforms into a complete donkey.
  • Cinderella leaving the castle after the clock strikes midnight.
  • Balto and the sled dogs escape from a collapsing ice bridge, an avalanche and a crumbling ice cave.
  • Carl Grimes escaped from Negan and the saviors bombing Alexandria Safe-Zone, blowing up some houses and cars.
  • Blinky Bill escaping from Sir Claude at the Zoo.


(Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong have entered the Hall of Abstract Thought to get to the train station, and as they do, two memory workers bolt the door shut.) (Bing Bong: What did I tell you? We'll be at the quarters in no time.) (The lights turn on and abstract thoughts float above the three friends. Sadness gasps.) (Bing Bong: Oh, would you look at that.) (Joy: Oh, whoa! What's happening?) (Sadness: They turned it on.) (Bing Bong: Huh. Never seen THIS before.) (As he speaks, the features on Bing Bong's face slide around it a la Picasso.) (Joy and Sadness yell in terror as they turn into cardboard-like shapes. Bing Bong, realizing what is happening, feels his mishappen face.) (Bing Bong, terrified: My face! My beautiful face! Oh!) (Joy: What is going on?) (Sadness: We're abstracting! There are four stages. This is the first, non-objective fragmentation!) (Bing Bong, trying to assure his friends: All right, do NOT panic. What is important is that we all stay together.) (His arm tumbles to the floor with a clang.) (Bing Bong: Oh!) (Joy topples over like a board.) (Sadness: It's the second stage! We're deconstructing!) (Bing Bong: RUN!) (He runs for his life, but his body crumbles to pieces.) (Bing Bong: Aah! I can't feel my legs! Oh, there they are.) (Joy: Come here, me!) (Sadness, trying to put her body back together: We gotta get out of here, before we're nothing but shape and color! We'll get stuck here forever!) (Joy: Stuck?! Why did we come in here?!) (Bing Bong: I told you, it's a shortcut!) (Joy: The train!) (Sure enough, the trio sees the train on the other side. But before they can make it, the tunnel squashes them down into flat shapes.) (Sadness: Oh, no! We're two-dimensional! That's stage three!) (Joy: We're getting nowhere!) (Bing Bong: Depth! I'm lacking depth!) (Joy: Come on!) (She tries to squeeze through the hole, but it's no use.) (Joy: We can't fit!) (Suddenly, the three friends turn into color shapes.) (Sadness: Oh, no! We're not figurative! This is the last stage!) (Bing Bong: We're not gonna make it!) (Bing Bong tries to squeeze through the hole; Sadness whimpers and turns into a line.) (Sadness: Great! We're two-dimensional. Fall on your face!) (Joy and Bing Bong do the same, and they all jump through the doorway in the nick of time. But as they do, the train leaves without them.) (Joy: Stop! Stop! No!) (She turns to Bing Bong.) (Joy: You said this was a shortcut.) (Bing Bong, as he and Sadness turn back into their normal selves: I did. But WOW, we should NOT have done it there. That was dangerous. They really should put up a sign.)
~ Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong struggling to get through the Hall of Abstract Thought.

That floor is pressure-bladed and laser-protected. Anything larger than a quarter that touches that floor gets fried.
~ Scarlet, Breaker and Snake Eyes facing an obstacle to infiltrate Cobra's Arctic base.

Boys is on us. (Tej: And them boys ain't ready for this.) (The drone takes out a lamp post. Roman successfully drives the car under the post, but the LAPD cars are disabled.) First the tank, then the plane, now we got a spaceship?! (Tej: That's not a spaceship, that's a drone!) Oh, it's a drone? Now, you gonna break it down and be articulate like you already know what the heck is going on? (Tej: Shut your a** up and drive the car!)
~ Roman, Tej and Ramsey coming face-to-face with several LAPD cars and a drone.

What slumbers down not human.
~ The Faun warning Ofelia of the Pale Man.

(Roy Eberhardt steps up to the construction site to keep an eye on the owls. Suddenly, Dana Matherson lumbers up to him with fire in his eyes.) (Dana: Hey, cowgirl.) (As soon as he hears this, Roy turns around and his eyes grow wide with fright. Dana cracks his neck, seizes him by the collar and slams him against the fence.) Ahh! (Dana: Beatrice the Bear isn't here to save you this time.) (He swings his club-like fist at Roy, missing him by a hairsbreadth.) (Dana: You'll be sorry you messed with me!) (Dana lunges at Roy, who jumps out of the way and begins running into the site, with the huge bully in hot pursuit.) (Dana: Right behind you, cowgirl.) (Curly Brannit opens his door a crack as he notices the scene. Seeing a set of mousetraps laid out for the Mother Paula's vandal, Roy nimbly jumps over them one by one, but Dana is not so lucky. He makes the mistake of stepping on a trap and falls to the ground.) (Dana: Ah! God damn it! OW!) (As he cries out in pain, the mousetraps clamp down on him like piranhas as Roy makes his escape. Officer Delinko's police siren begins wailing as he pulls his squad car over. Curly steps up to Dana and plants his boot onto him like a hunter would his prize.) (Curly: You say there! Looks like I got me a rat. Big ol' rat in a trap. Don't you move.) (Dana: All right, I won't. I won't.) (Curly: We got him. Caught the Mother Paula's vandal. Caught him red-handed.)
~ Roy Eberhardt evading mousetraps laid out by Curly Brannit to capture the Mother Paula's vandal.

(Male Zookeeper: What in the blue blazes? How did... We're gonna need a ladder!) (Nutsy: (gasps) The humans have seen us!) Everyone, on my count push as hard as you can. Got it? (Bill Koala: (chuckling) Now this is what I call an adventure!) (Sir Claude: (arrives) Yes, indeed. An epic tale of a peppy little kitten's struggle against the forces of koala-dom. (he gasps) Sweet mother of dog! The tail-biter!) (Bill Koala: Fair go, mate. I was trying to save you from a trap! You would've died.) Dad? (Bill Koala: Stay behind me, Blinky!) (Sir Claude: I would never ask for your help. And now, you'll pay. (he growls)) (Bill Koala: Back off, kitty! (GRUNTS) he fights him on the roof.) (Blinky gasps) Dad! (Claude punches him and holds on his face.) (Sir Claude: I'm going to turn you into a snuggy.) Get off him! (he kicked Claude off his dad) Go, Dad! (Bill Koala: Blinky!) (Nutsy: Blinky! No!) (Sir Claude: No, you don't! The koala is mine!) (Bill Koala: Blinky! To the flyer! We're not leaving without my boy!) (Claude chasing Blinky towards the Zookeepers) (Male Zookeeper: Whoa, look out, cat!) (Bill Koala: Everyone, push as hard as you can.) (Claude falls the cages and he chased him around the zoo.) (Bill Koala: Push harder, Jacko!) (Jacko: If I push any harder, something's gonna come out.) (They pushing the flyer and flew off.) (Jacko: It worked! (Bill Koala: Don't worry, son! We're coming for you!) (They falls over the ground.) (Jacko: Oh, right! What now?) (But Beryl and Cheryl appears) (Beryl: Need a lift?) (Jacko: Ladies!) (They saw Claude chasing Blinky towards the animal exhibits.) (Bill Koala: After my boy!) (Cheryl: Tout de suite, Mr. Bill.) (The Zookeeper saw the animals on the flyer was faster to flight.) (Sir Claude: (to Blinky) Stop running, meat snack. You're only making me hungrier!) (Bill Koala: Come on, girls, crack the whip!) (Jacko: Go, baby cakes, go!) (Beryl: It's working, Cheryl! We're flying! Oh, we're really flying!) (Jacko: Whoa!) (Bill Koala: How do you control this thing?) Come on! (Bill Koala: Blinky! We're coming, mate! (Jorge: Just try not to get eaten by a cat!) Dad! (Bill Koala: Grab the rope!) (Blinky jumped towards the rope but Claude push him on the crocodile exhibit.) (Bill Koala: Right, well, that worked better in my head.) (Nutsy: I'm going to go down and get him.) (Jorge: Are you crazy?) (Jacko: They don't call her Nutsy for nothing.) (Jacko: Remember how you used to be completely terrified of heights? Well, forget that, don't remember it.) (Nutsy: Not helping!) Nutsy! (He saw a Crocodile footprint when Claude has finally got him) Whoa! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! We have to get out of here! (Bill Koala: I'll swing you in!) (Nutsy: Whoaaa!) Shh. I don't think we're alone. (Sir Claude: (laughs evilly) Oh, don't worry. I soon will be.) (Nutsy: Blinky! Whoa!) Nutsy! (Blinky jumps to the bunch of the seesaws Claude falls off to the cactus and he jumped high and Nutsy kicks him and he falls off again) (Sir Claude: Oh! Not again! Ow!) (Nutsy: Grab the rope, Blinky!) Okay! (but Claude angry growls and he smacked him in the wall.) (Sir Claude: (laughs evilly) Oh, yes. Playtime's over kid. Time to explore the afterlife!) (he tried to kill him with the claws on him but Mrs. Bill appears) (Mrs. Bill: Get your paws off my son! (She punches Claude on the face and Claude to the ground) (Sir Claude: Ow!) Mum! Oh! (Mrs. Bill: You are so grounded.) (They saw Claude feeling dizzy and falls the cactus) (Nutsy: This time, I've definitely got you! (groans) Grab, the rope...) (Bill Koala: Hang on tight!) (Nutsy: Grab the rope. Oh! Help!) Mum, this is my friend Nutsy. (Mrs. Bill: (to Nutsy) It's a pleasure. whoa!) (Sir Claude: Ow! (anger) I will devour every last one of you!) (but the crocodile appears.) (Sir Claude: Huh? Miaow.) (Nutsy: (to Bill Koala) Take her up!) (Bill Koala: Ah, yep. On it! (grunts) Come on, you son of a skink!) (They up up and away but Blinky to reach off the crocodile.) Quick! My friends will save us! (Sir Claude: (anger) Pah! Who needs friends when you've got nine lives?) (he tries to kill Blinky again but he was standing on the crocodile's mouth) (Sir Claude: (Squeaks) Mummy.) (Blinky shuts his eyes he saw Claude has eaten by crocodile.) (Nutsy: Whoa!) Mum, Nutsy, are you okay? (Nutsy: Yes.) (They climbs the rope of the flyer.)
~ Blinky Bill escaping from Sir Claude at the Zoo.