Ultra Badge

Ultra Badge (ウルトラッジ Urutora Bedogi) is a transformation item that used by Kotaro Higashi to transform into Ultraman Taro.


After Kotaro plants the monster Astromons, from a seed that was given to him by a captain of a ship that Kotora used to work on, he attacked the Kaiju, feeling it was his responsibility for releasing it upon the city, but the monster barley took notice of him and flew away with Kotaro hanging on to it's foot. Soon after trying to fight the monster the monster in the air, Kotaro was knocked of and fell into a soccer field. Kotaro is found unconscious the next morning by a group of children and women. after helping Kotaro get back to his strength one of the ladies gives Kotaro a good luck charm.

Later when Kotaro joins ZAT, he attacks Astromons once again, but this time in on of ZAT's fighter jets. But Astromons proved to be to much and threw Kotaro's plan into a building. Kotaro was then taken to the Land of Light, where he meets the Ultra Brothers and the Mother of Ultra who merge him with the newest Ultra-crusader: Ultraman Taro. The Mother of Ultra then tells Kotaro that she was the lady who gave him the good luck charm and that it was really the Ultra Badge.

How to UseEdit

Kotaro removes the Ultra Badge from his shoulder, then shouts "Taro!" Taro's rise scene usually follows, regardless Kotaro transforms into his Ultra counterpart.

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