Ultra Eye

The Ultra Eye (ウルトラ・アイ, Urutora Ai) is Dan Moroboshi's transformation item. With it, he can transform into his true self, Ultraseven. His famous quote before he transformed was "DWUAH". Other users of the Ultra Eye are Run, Taiga Nozomu (Ultraman Zero's human hosts) and Jin (Ultraseven X).

Unlike any other transformation items, this item transforms Dan and his hosts into Ultraseven without any rise action. Instead the transformation scene is Dan, or a human host, transforming into Seven from the head down. Jin, on the other hand, transformed in real time in a burst of red light. Ultraman Zero's transformation had a more typical rise.


The original Ultra Eye was simple. Upon use there was a transformation scene where the glasses would disappear and morph Dan into his Ultra form from head to toe. Often times Seven would be human size and would take on giant size afterwards. Later on, during the time of Ultraman Leo's stay on Earth, Seven was gravely injured. As a result, the Ultra Eye was damaged, leaving him stranded in human form until Ultraman Jack took it back to the Land of Light for repairs.

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