(Moses: I've never done anything in my life worth honoring.) First you rescue Tzipporah from Egypt, and then you defend my younger daughters from brigands. You think that is "nothing?" It seems you don't know what is worthy of honor.
~ Jethro reminding Moses that he rescued his daughters and he should be proud of his actions.

Sometimes, in many a story, the hero or heroine does something he or she doesn't know is wonderful. In other words, the protagonist is unaware that his or her actions have attracted positive attention or made him or her a hero. This is not to be confused with Negativity Turned Positivity, and, just as an antagonist can be defeated by the power he obtains, is one of the must unpredictable moments in a story.

Examples Edit

  • Paddington Bear notices a man run off after he dropped his wallet and goes after him. What he doesn't know is that the man is a wallet thief, and Paddington unexpectedly catches the robber, attracting positive attention from the press and the Brown Family.
  • Moses knows he hasn't done anything worth looking up to, but receives unexpected praise from Jethro after helping Tzipporah escape Egypt and rescuing his younger daughters from bandits.
  • Harry Potter goes after Draco Malfoy after he swipes a trinket from a student. When he finally gets it back, Professor McGonagall calls him to his office. It seems Harry is in trouble, but she unexpectedly praises him for his skill and promotes him to Quiddich.
  • Thomas believes Sir Topham Hatt is going to scold him yet again after the former caused several incidents that made the latter furious, but this time, he is proud of Thomas for stopping Sailor John.

Quotes Edit

(After the others fighting the lemon cars in town of London then back in the middle of all of this craziness we cut to Mater. Wrench Bits are strewn all around him as Guido tries wrench after wrench to take the bolts off. No dice. Guido gestures wildly, spits Italian a mile a minute.) (Lightning McQueen: What's he saying?! What's wrong!?) (Luigi: None of his wrenches fit the bolts!) (This is a light bulb moment for Mater. He eyes the bolts.) (Mater: I get it. I get it! I know what needs to be done.) (Lightning McQueen: Then do it!) (Mater: What? No, I can't do it. Look, nobody takes me seriously. I know that now. This ain't Radiator Springs.) (Lightning McQueen: Yes it is. You're yourself in Radiator Springs. Be yourself here. And if people aren't taking you seriously, then they need to change. Not you. I know that, because I was wrong before. Now you can do this. You're the bomb.) (Mater: Thanks, buddy.) (Lightning McQueen: No no no, you're the actual bomb. Now let's go!) (Mater: Oh, right! Hang on!) (Mater hooks McQueen and they're off. They pass Finn and Holley) (Finn McMissle: Where's he going?)
~ Lightning McQueen apologizes to Mater for hurting his feelings when he leaves Japan in last night on Japan race of World Grand Prix for a argument and then in London to find out who do this at the Buckingham Palace in the final race.

I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your father's armor, ran away from home, impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese Army, destroyed my palace, and... you have saved us all.
~ The Emperor of China listing Mulan's dishonorable actions, before praising her for saving him and all of China from the Huns.

(Narrator: The next morning, Sailor John was picked up by the police.) (Policeman: Hello, hello, hello, what have we got here?) (Sailor John: But I'm innocent, I tell you!) (Policeman: Ah, tell that to the judge.) (Narrator: He was placed under arrest.) (Sailor John: You've got the wrong pirate!) (Narrator: And Thomas was rescued by Rocky.) (Rocky lifts Thomas out of the water and onto the flatbed, and facing Sir Topham Hatt.) I am so sorry, Sir. It's all my fault. I know it is. I-- (Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, there's nothing to be sorry about. I'm proud of you. Ryan told me everything. And I know you did your best to stop that pirate getting away.) But... I wasn't quick enough to save the treasure, Sir. (Sir Topham Hatt: Ohhoho. Please don't worry about the treasure, Thomas. My engines are much more important to me than any treasure. And you, Thomas, are my Number One.) (Thomas beams with pride and sees his number is shown to be back.)
~ Thomas believes Sir Topham Hatt is going to scold him yet again after several incidents caused by the former which made the latter furious, but this time, he is proud of Thomas for stopping Sailor John.

(Mike and Sulley are being pelted with glow urchins and, after being beaten by Roar Omega Roar, they jump out through the exit. Mike and Sulley are now covered with huge boils. Breathing fire, Sulley turns around and glares at Mike.) (Sulley, muffled: Take THAT, Wazowski!) (Mike, now speaking with a lisp: Are you deliriouth? I beat YOU!) (Sulley, muffled: Get your eye checked - ) (The crowd sees them and begins to laugh.) (Chet, tauntingly: Oh, way to blow it, Oozmas!) (Mike: Hey, thecond plathe ain't bad!) (Brock Pearson: Second place, Jaws Theta Chi!) (Sulley: What?) (Johnny: Your whole team has to cross the finish line!) (Brock: Third place, EEKS...Fourth place, PNKS...) (Mike, disappointed: No...) (Brock: Fifth place, HSS...) (Mike:!) (Brock: And in last place, Oozma Kappa!) (Of course, Oozma Kappa, now battered, bruised, and covered with boils, come in last place. Don collapses in a heap.) (Squishy, now a huge ball: I can't feel my anything.) (Claire Wheeler: Oh shocker, Oozma Kappa has been eliminated!) (On the leader board, Oozma Kappa's name is removed.) (Mike: No...) (He gasps and backs up in a panic, gazing at Dean Hardscrabble, who is looking at him with a serious look on her scaly face.) (Dean Hardscrabble: Don't look surprised, Mr. Wazowski. It would have taken a miracle for you to s - ) (It seems like Mike is done for, and then...) (Brock: Attention, everyone! We have an announcement! Jaws Theta Chi has been disqualified!) (Crowd, surprised: What?) (Mike is surprised as well.) (Brock: The use of illegal protective gel is cause for elimination.) (The crowd boos at JOX.) (Big Red: What?) (A referee wipes gel off George Sanderson's leg and touches it with an urchin. His leg swells up.) (George: Ow!) (Brock: Which means, Oozma Kappa is back in the games! It's a miracle!)
~ Mike, Sulley and Oozma Kappa's unexpected first win.

Gallery Edit

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