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An Utopia

 An Utopia or "Peaceful Land", is common theme found in animation, movies or books in general and is related about land where peace, justice and love exist for everyone who live there or out there.

Overview Edit

¿What made this place differents from another lands such as False Utopias or Dystopias? Edit

In Many stories about magical lands appears terribles where are bad places to live (A Dystopia), Others appears "Benevolents" Land but there are truly bad places (False Utopia), An Utopia is a truly land where everyone can be happy ever after, or at least can live with the status quo who exist in that places.

Some Utopias appears as Cookie Lands, Places of Divine Light or Very cute places, Others can be former lands of battle in which the forces of good won an could make that land in a place of peace, whether permanently or momentarily.

Some times the Utopias can make effects such as purge the evil or somewhat evil influence in a villain can make them a good character or Brainwashing to forget his evil ways, the Moon king is a Perfect example of this.

Examples Edit

  • Sunnyside Day Care (Toy Story 3) - While intially a dystopia, at the end with the of Barbie and Ken they colud become in a good place for toys at once
  • Ponyville (My Little Pony) - A land where friendship, love peace and justice always exist for everyone.
  • Chima (Legends of Chima) - At the end the land of chima could live peace when the Evil Sir Fangar was purged from his corruption allow him to live with the inhabitants once more.

Gallery Edit

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