"W-I-L-D" is a song sung by Baloo in The Jungle Book 2 .


Baloo: When we start to move, hey honey
It ain't no joke

We got a savage groove, we didn't learn
from no human folk

Bird: No human folk

Baloo: Ha ha ha!
'scuse our incivility
We're w-i-i-i-l-d!!

When the music plays
All the people stomp their feet (you'd better go, Baloo!)
But a stomping paw can lay down a better beat! HA HA!
Tell me we ain't naturally w-i-i-i-l-d!!

It's a snap to bring out the beast in you
You're free like ze bird it's true or a frog or a hog or
Oh man whatever (baby we were born free)

From the maddest cat to the sweetest little dear
Tonight's the night we're gonna get our tails in gear
Show me your ferocity go

Chorus: We snort, we squeak
Up high or deep underground,
We snarl, we shriek (Vout o roonie!)
We fly round and round and round!

Baloo': Oh go you sweet thing that's inhuman baby!

Mongoose: The old mongoose gets good and loose

Ocelot: The ocelot gives it all he's got

Parakeet: The parakeet goes tweedle deet

Macaque: The red macaque shouts hang on, jack!

Worm:The tiny worm

Elephant: The pachyderm

Ocelot: The spotted cat

Rat: The water rat

Cuckoo: The great cuckoo

Chorus: The bear Baloo are w-i-l-d!!!

Baloo: Here's the thing if we're broke we never squawk
We don't need to check no clock to know what time it is

All: It's time to rock!

Baloo: When you dance like that hey honey
It sure is hip (can't stand it!)

I wanna tip my hat but i got no hat to tip
But i don't need no hat! ask me why and i won't lie

Chorus: W I-I-I-L-D!!!

We grunt we growl up high or deep underground
We hoot we howl, we fly round and round and round

Baloo: My oh me, it's plain to see...

Chorus: We're w-i-i-i-l-d!

Baloo: He she me unique ally...

Chorus: W-i-i-i-l-d!

Baloo: Every beastie running freeeee...

All: W-i-i-i-l-d!!!!!

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