Where Are You Christmas

Where Are You Christmas

Movie version

Where are you Christmas? Faith Hill

Where are you Christmas? Faith Hill

Pop version

Where are You Christmas
is a song from the 2000 live action movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is performed by Cindy Lou Who in the movie version, and by Faith Hill in the pop version.

Lyrics Edit

Cindy Lou Who Version Edit

 Where are you christmas

  why can't I find you

  why have you gone away 

 My world is changing 

 I'm rerranging 

 does that means christmas changes too 

 where are you christmas 

 do you remember 

 the girl you used to know 

 you and I were so carefree 

 and nothing easy 

 did christmas change 

 or just me? 

Faith Hill Version Edit

 Where are you Christmas 

   Why can't I find you 

   Why have you gone away 

   Where is the laughter 

   You used to bring me 

   Why can't I hear music play   

 My world is changing 

 I'm rearranging 

 Does that mean Christmas changes too 

 Where are you Christmas 

 Do you remember 

 The one you used to know 

 I'm not the same one 

 See what the time's done 

 Is that why you have let me go 

 Christmas is here 

 Everywhere, oh 

 Christmas is here 

 If you care, oh 

 If there is love in your heart and your mind

 You will feel like Christmas all the time 

 I feel you Christmas 

 I know I've found you 

 You never fade away 

 The joy of Christmas 

 Stays here inside us 

 Fills each and every heart with love 

 Where are you Christmas 

 Fill your heart with love